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Pardon my absence over the past few months, but things have been super busy, in the best way possible. In addition to lots of new work I have been feverishly working on all new branding and an all new website, etc that will be finished up and debuted soon. For now, I wanted to highlight a recent assignment.

My client, Time Magazine, sent me to College Station, Texas, to photograph last Saturday’s “Game of the Century”, as it was dubbed, between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Both programs are huge and the drama surrounding the big names like Johnny Manziel, Nick Saban and Kevin Sumlin, et al only furthered the hype. ESPN College Gameday trucks and early tailgaters were already setup last Wednesday, days before the game.

The previous week, Time ran a pretty well talked about cover story featuring Manziel, so I was there, working with writer, Sean Gregory, trying to capture more of the cultural aspects behind a big college game rather than just the action. I used to photograph tons of sports, but this was my first football game in some time. Thankfully I had the trust of my editors at Time and was given pretty much free reign to photograph what I wanted.

After a pretty late night Friday, I started the 2 hour drive from Houston to College Station at 5am. I took my first frame of the day around 6:30am and my last nearly 12 hours later. It was definitely a very long and very tiring day in the hot Texas heat, but overall, definitely worth it. So much history, tradition and color, its hard not to make good photos.


My editors and I worked together following the game to produce a concise, 12-picture mini essay that went live within hours. Check out that gallery HERE.

Now that the dust has settled, I have compiled a broader edit presented in chronological order from Saturday’s game. Please let me know what you think and SHARE with your favorite (or most annoying) Aggie friend!

For the best experience, view the following slideshow in full screen mode.