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Apologies for the lack of updates recently. Things have been hectic, but there is much to blog about starting here.

A few months ago we spent the better part of a weekend in a nearby studio working with a score of different models in several different conceptual scenarios. The portraits were created for an upcoming project. During our set up day we visited Party Boy, a local Houston costume shop, for some inspiration and wardrobe, as well as created mock-ups of several looks we were going to aim for.

I will most likely create a different blog for some of the other models we worked with over the long weekend, however this one is dedicated to our good friend and model, Sarah Jade, who you may remember from a previous blog entry.

Sarah is a gorgeous girl and a great subject. It doesn’t hurt that she is a close personal friend and doesn’t mind spending the extra time to get the right image. We worked Sarah through several concepts including a few cute looks on basic white using a 5 light setup. We encouraged Sarah to have fun with the cute headband and glasses. At first she didn’t like the accessories and thought she didn’t look good with them, but we beg to differ. What do you think?

After several looks on white we tried a few of Sarah in our marching band jacket and then moved on.

The next look we went for was a imitated natural light look. Since we were shooting at night, we did not have the luxury of natural sunlight. There was however an area of the location with French doors leading to an outdoor patio. We placed a single light with a CTO gel, outside on the patio pointing into the studio and used the plantation blinds on the closed French doors to regulate the intensity of the light and the shadows created by the slats. With a little finesse, we had instant golden light to play with and the best part was, it wasn’t fleeting like the sun.

We then tried a few simple frames with a single ring light while the final set was being prepared.

The final set featured a textured background made out of loads of flowers created from yellow construction paper. We worked tirelessly to cut, fold, cut, fold, tape, place, and fine-tune before we decided that the background was ready for action. Sarah worked with the background elements wonderfully and we created a set of images that really allowed both Sarah and the textured background to shine. I really like what we came away with for the project. The portraits are simple, but the yellow flowers give them another level of texture and playfulness that we were aiming for. For this series, our ring-light acted as a fill light in conjunction with another main light source.

Below are a few of our favorite images from the time we spent with Sarah. I tried to edit them each a bit differently for a diverse set of looks and moods.

More about the project and the other models/images involved to come, but for now, tell me what you think about these!