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The first ideation of this blog was born about 12 years ago, in 2006. I had just graduated from college and prepping to move from Houston to Colorado for my first newspaper internship as my parents and sister were about to move from our hometown of Houston to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was a time of big changes and this blog (first kindled on the old Blogspot platform) was a way for my scattered family to keep in tune with my new adventures in photography.

For all that have followed my journey and perhaps this blog, thank you. I’m sure you have noticed that this space was once a lot more personal than it seems now. In recent years, social media has become more of a personal, daily outlet for fleeting ideas and feelings, and this blog has evolved into a place to showcase images and projects in a more in depth way than Instagram and Twitter.

Back in 2010, for my dear maternal Grandmother’s 80th birthday, I took it upon myself to make her a 400-page Blurb book full of some of our family’s favorite moments from her life and documented the creation on this blog.

Click HERE to read about “The 400 Page Blurb Book”

She loved the book and although she was several states away, we all would visit when we could. Early this May we found out that she wasn’t doing so well and I booked a trip to say goodbye. Sadly, she passed right about when my plane was landing. My cousin drove me to the hospital to meet the rest of my gathered family. It was bittersweet to visit my aunt’s place and not see my grandma’s smiling welcome as I had for decades prior.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from my quick trip to rural Ohio to honor the life of my Grandmother.

She lived with my aunt and her family in rural Ohio, just outside of Akron and the entire place is gorgeous. I have fond memories visiting her and my family in the same place as a kid so its very special to visit especially now. The peaceful surroundings and greenery are always a treat to take in.

I had a basketball goal as a kid as well, but there weren’t this many trees behind it!

The next door neighbors have goats that love to eat just as much as my family loves to feed them!

My dear cousin’s son that picked up my Fuji XT-2 and mastered it (as well as the complex rear-button focusing) in no time!

When you’re sad, eat ice cream!

A couple of gifs…


A few of my favorite photos of her: