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Holidays are a little different when your parents live overseas. My mother and stepfather have lived in Singapore for a couple of years now, so in lieu of the traditional holiday setting with gifts, etc, we like to meet in the middle to explore somewhere new; my sister and I, coming from Texas and them coming from Singapore. This year we chose Prague as the destination, somewhere each of us had never been but always wanted to visit. The plan was to meet and have a week to spend together over the holiday break. Due to some travel issues, my parents lagged behind a day, but that gave my sister and I some sibling time to do some scouting prior to their arrival. Prague is relatively cheap so we were able to snag an amazing 3-bedroom apartment right in the center of town for a hundred-something USD per night; a steal. Although only a quick week, we all had a great time together, which is important when you only get to see your family once or twice a year. To keep this concise, Ive opted for a bulleted, stream-of-consiouness, list of things I observed or experienced during the trip. I may or may not add to the list in the future.

  • Frankfurt is the New Jersey of airports.
  • I finally saw Whiplash on the plane. Afterwards I witnessed lots of dudes air-drumming about an inch away from their monitors half-way through the flight on the way to the restroom. It was glorious!
  • The US should have adopted the metric system decades ago. We are so behind the times.
  • The German DB is one of the best mass transit systems on the planet. We are so behind the times.
  • Every time I find myself at the Frankfurt airport I just think about the one time I had access to the Lufthansa first class lounge and how I don’t have it now. Its sad.
  • Beer is terrible.
  • Everything in Prague is so cheap. We ate at a fine Italian restaurant that had a wood-burning oven and 13th century ambiance accompanied by a soundtrack of Pearl Jam and Wham. We had appetizers, wine, deserts, main course, etc and it was maybe $40 or $50 total for 4 people. Insane.
  • I never thought I would visit a catholic church made entirely of human bones but I guess now I can say I have.
  • People still smoke cigarettes over there like crazy. Super gross.
  • I still drag my heavy DSLR setup when I travel just in case something crazy happens and I need to be ready, however 100% of these photos were taken with my Fuji XT-1 mirrorless setup. I didn’t even take 1 frame from the DSLR kit.
  • I was not ready for the winter sunlight hours of Prague. Due to its northerly latitude, the sun in Prague rises around 8am and sets around 4pm which gives them only about 8 hours of daylight. Getting out and about around 9 or 10am only gives you a few hours before the sun starts to dip around 3pm. Its wild!
  • We ran into an amazing Mexican spot that happened to let us in without a reservation, on our last day, Christmas Day. It was called Cantina and was so clutch. We didn’t have high expectations of Mexican food in Prague, but this place was incredible!
  • The hour that you’re stopped a few feet from your gate after a lengthy 12-hour flight to wait on a gate clearance will be the most frustrating hour ever.

Check out my GIFs page at to see a few GIFs from the trip. Also check out my sister’s blog for her perspective of the trip here:

(L) Typical Czech fare, sausage, cabbage and beer. (R) The “unofficial” Apple museum featuring every Apple product ever. BLOG COMP 2 Below, my sister passes out on her bed after a day full of exploring. 151219 PRAGUE 2206 Here she is as a medieval knight: My lovely sister as a medieval knight. Ran across some interesting art along the way. BLOGSTICKER These are my favorite 25 frames from the trip. 25 of my favorite images from the trip.

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