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A few snapshots with the Fuji XT2 from a winter trip to Paris, France. I had not been back in 22 years, since we lived there in the 90’s. Here are a few details from the trip back. I walked about 42 total miles according to my phone’s step data. It was cold and I already miss the bread.


A few gifs:

A few favorites together:

My French little league license. Yes, they required this.

Apparently I created my own blueprints to our house.

Award-winning 6th grader.

My mom, cousin Naomi and I, April 23, 1994, inside the main hall at Versailles:

A postcard that I sent my grandparents, stateside, a few days after first arriving to Paris written on March 20th, 1994:

A few photos of the house we lived in back in the 90’s:

A map of the neighborhood where we used to live. Chavenay, France (outlined in red):