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A couple of months back I was able to grab a very hard to find (at least at the time) Fuji x100s. The x100s is a compact digital camera that has a ton of manual features as well as a fixed 35mm f2 lens. I hadn’t really even considered owning another compact digital in years. The last compact digital I owned was the Canon G9 which was amazing up until the Canon 5D mark II hit the streets with its ground-breaking video functionality. In 2009 I sold the G9 and since then its been just my primary DSLR kit with my iPhone taking care of all the quick snaps and casual video work.

What I really like about the x100s, besides the overall aesthetic styling, is the double-exposure feature and the high flash sync ability. Since I hadn’t really had much of a chance to put it through the paces, I decided that an upcoming trip overseas would make for some nice bonding time, so to Budapest for a quick 3-4 day shoot it went. I was only really able to use the camera during scouting trips and during off-hours, but it was definitely the most time I have spent with the camera. In retrospect I should have probably taken photos more photos of the huge and cushy Airbus a380 from Lufthansa that we took on the way over, or the AMAZING new-ish, exclusive first-class lounge that we were spoiled in during a layover in Frankfurt, or possibly the ridiculously awesome and over the top AMG benz that personally escorted us to our airplane, but alas I did not. I made up for it, by using my then day-old iPhone 5s to capture a gratuitous amount of 120fps or “slo-mo” footage during the actual travel time.

As for both my new iPhone 5s and the new-ish x100s, just like any new piece of gear, it can take some getting used to, but I absolutely love the weight & size of the Fuji (read: I love not carrying around 40lbs of gear) and the fact that its fixed 35mm really makes you think about the picture before you take it.

If anyone has any x100s tips or tricks please comment below!