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I know I’m a few weeks late with this annual “best of” post, but I was hopelessly stranded in New York following the great blizzard of 2014 which seemed to push everything back a bit.

2013 was a year full of exciting new opportunities, both in business and personally. Hopefully 2014 brings even more great times, including a complete revamp of this blog to match my new rebranding efforts, but in the essence of time, I wanted to get the 2013 best of finished up before 2014 is done with!

In addition to finishing up this set, Ive been inundated with contest entries, lots of photos from my trip as well as a bunch of other mundane year-end tasks, but

I managed to compile my favorite 75 or so images that stood out to me in 2013. 2013 was a definitive year in jump-starting my marketing and rebranding campaigns, with a continuance in my entertainment and music personal projects while expanding focus on portrait and advertising clients. These may not be the overall “best” or even the ones that were published, but rather, the ones that I personally liked from my work in 2013.

 Something about hair in the face that was especially inspiring in 2013.




The highlight of my year was definitely my mid-season decision to pickup a Fuji x100s. The camera has helped me see in a whole new way and its refreshing. Ive also started creating little motion gifs from select still sequenced images. Most are just ridiculous but its fun. There is a certain look to the images straight from the camera and a way that people react to a smaller camera rather than 2 huge bodies and lens setups. I only wish Fuji would make the exact same camera but with a 50mm 1.2 option or a super wide option.

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In addition to gif-making, the other main ‘take a break from editing’ activity this year has been writing and recording my own musical ideas. I’ve written, played and performed music for years and ultimately got tired of having a guitar melody or other musical idea in my head only to forget it a few hours later. I have been using Apple’s Garageband software exclusively and have been recording all of the instruments on my own as well. Its been a great alternative creative outlet when my eyes can’t take anymore picture editing.  Click here to listen.

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