BEST OF 2012

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2012. Another year gone. Time flies. I think I say that every year. I post this a year to the day after posting my 2011 “Best of”. Hopefully my 2012 in images surpasses the years passed.

As always the images (95 total this year) are comprised of my commercial and editorial work with some personal stuff mixed in, and are showcased in chronological order. Lots of hip hop, lots of pretty pictures of pretty places, a few businessmen and a silhouette of The President. As I mentioned in my previous post, I thankfully was able to continue my traveling streak in 2012 so look for images from Japan and Germany amongst the group.

2012 was also what we call an “upgrade year”, which means that I upgraded my cameras. I was excited to grab a few of the first Canon 5D mark III cameras that came out and have loved them ever since. The image below is from one of my first shoots with the camera. The wonderful work of art is the fruition of me discovering that the new camera body disliked a certain brand of memory card. I haven’t been able to accurately replicate the beautiful image corruption since.

2500 FPSF13 18

Here are the links to several previous years’ “Best of” posts. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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