Today was an early day with 2 assignments prior to our weekly staff photo meetings. The two assignments were rather vague and were definitely far far away, way beyond our coverage area towards the northeast corner of Maryland near PA and the top of the Chesapeake Bay. The area was absolutely beautiful. Its such a difference to live in the city and drive to these rural areas every day. Unknown to me at the time, both assignments were for our directories we publish as well, so the shots were basically for the cover of phone books for the area. That would explain the area, but no one told me the shots HAD to be skinny verticals. These images are two that I pulled from my take. The one on the left is from a newly renovated church. The shot was my only vertical of the dozen I took at the scene. After the church my assignment was to go look for landscapes and horses in the area. The landscapes were beautiful, but for the most part covered in a thick blanket of fog that made navigating the unfamiliar and thin thoroughfares quite interesting. I did happen upon a nice scene of grazing horses and as I stopped the car and got out to take photos of them, they all slowly came over to me and were really friendly. Horses are awesome. This photo is one of the only verticals, but I think it works. I hope it runs on one of the books. Both images are missing that human element, but I think what I pulled out of the take is a lot better than what I thought I was going to have when I got back to the newsroom and found out that the shots needed to be verticals for the cover. After the studio Drew and I had some most excellent bonding time with the rest of the photo staff, namely Matt and Nicole, who are both awesome. We spontaneously went out for a snowball with some famous Baltimore marsh mellow topping courtesy of Nicole and it was actually pretty epic and I don’t even like marshmallows. I’m really glad that there is such a young and cool bunch out here.

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